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Relationship Tips

Heartfelt appreciation to another person is the quickest way to enhance the flow of positive energy in any relationship. For people in long-term relationships, appreciating is an especially valuable skill to master. It is an art form of limitless possibilities, which brings about immediate shift in the quality of a relationship. Few of us however, have had any training in it or are grossly out of practice that we fear taking the initial steps, or there is too much resentment in our relationships blocking our desire for attempts. Appreciating is an active art that can be learned. When appreciating becomes abundant, a new degree of closeness emerges.

Try using the appreciation starter sentences to expand your repetoire of giving appreciations.

Appreciation Starter-Sentences



Appreciation Exercises

The 3A's 

What Positive Behaviors Does my Partner Bring to Our Relation 

Rainbow and Pripo appreciations List 

How I would like to be Appreciated for 

What my Partner would like to be Appreciated for

Make Agreements and Schedule When to Exchange appreciation 

Appreciation starters 




Apology Exercises

The Elements of an Apology 

Preparing yourself for Giving

Agreements with my partner on Apologizing

What Negative Behavior or Offenses does my Partner bring to the relationship

What Negative Behavior of Offenses do I bring to the relationship

List 3 apologies you would like to receive 

List 3 apologies that would be beneficial for your partner 

Apology Insights 

List 3 Major reasons why you have difficulty Apologizing






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