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How One Of You Can Make The Difference For The Two Of You
It is wonderful when two motivated people decide to work on their relationship together. But there are times when one partner is not willing to engage in the process. The good news is that there is hope for a relationship even when only when partner comes for treatment. A relationship is like a seesaw. Even when one partner acts alone it affects the other.

We must remember, the only instrument for change we posses. our only tool, is ourselves. Changing one's own behavior is a much more promising strategy than insisting on change from the other. One motivated partner can change the relationship for the better, without ever engaging the cooperation of the other partner.

Maybe there is one person who can accept the situation the way it is while the other feels deeply troubled. Or both partners find it impossible to discuss their issues in the same room with each other.

Changing your own behavior is a way to begin affecting your relationship in a new way. It can help to talk the situation over with a therapist who can offer a fresh perspective and guide you to feel empowered to change your relationship without focusing on your partner to change. No matter how severe your partner's faults are, you can change your behavior and your responses in the relationship which gives you enormous power, the inner power and personal strength to transform your relationship.